Residential Energy Consumption-A Computational Bibliometric Analysis

Autores: Quintana, D.I.; Cansino, J.M.

Datos de publicación: Buildings, 2023, vol. 13(6), pp. 1525


This paper conducted a systematic literature review (SLR) of peer-review documents focused on residential energy consumption. The main finding of this SLR derived from its computational implementation, filling a gap in the available literature. The paper had two main objectives: (i) the SLR itself; and (ii) to systematically identify the main policy measures oriented at reducing energy consumption recommended by the available literature and its related greenhouses gas emissions. A significant lack of a connection between scientific fields was identified. The fields of energy, engineering and environmental science are those that have addressed these topics the most. The sub-field with the largest presence is energy, with 29.5%, followed by engineering (23.9%) and the environment (21.3%). It is recommended that this gap be bridged because many of the main political measures in force to reduce residential energy consumption come from economics and need to be explored from a social science perspective to choose those measures that are more cost-effective.


  • Energy consumption.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Residential building.
  • Greenhouse gases.
  • Energy utilization.

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