The impacts of environmental collaboration on the environmental performance of agri-food supply chains: a mediation-moderation analysis of external pressures

Autores: Werneck Barbosa, M.; Cansino, J.M.

Datos de publicación: International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 2024.


Although researchers have investigated the relationship between inter-organisational collaboration and firm performance, there is scattered evidence on the relationship between environmental collaboration and environmental performance in agri-food supply chains. This study assesses the effects of environmental collaboration on five dimensions of environmental performance (greenhouse gas emissions management, energy management, food waste management, food safety management, and water footprint management) in agri-food supply chains, particularly when mediated and moderated by customer and regulatory pressures. This study used a survey of Chilean agri-food companies. The data were analyzed using partial least squares structural equation modelling. We found that environmental collaboration positively influences all five dimensions of environmental performance and that customer and regulatory pressures mediate this relationship. The dimension most affected by environmental collaboration was water footprint management. Finally, we provide recommendations for improving the environmental performance of companies in agri-food supply chains through collaboration.


  • Agri-food supply chains
  • Environmental collaboration
  • Water footprint management
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Food safety management
  • Food waste management

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